Work-Related Stress

Work-Related Stress Therapy


Work-related stress is a result of when you have demands at work that go beyond your ability to cope.  Work related stress can result in both mental and physical difficulties. Everyone can react differently to work related stress depending on your personality and the buffers you have around you.  Some common signs that you might be experiencing work related stress are:

  • Difficulty coping
  • Reduced concentration
  • Inability to retain information 
  • Reduced confidence
  • Reduced motivation
  • Not committed to tasks
  • Critical thoughts about your performance
  • Inability to make decisions


CBT can be described as a toolbox, allowing an individual to have a set of skills to help reduce their distress.  With work related stress, CBT can offer help in the areas of problem solving, assertion skills, maintaining a good balance, improving time management and identifying and working on areas of perfectionism.